Aviation Industry Leaders

Airways International Limited has been on the forefront of the Jamaican General Aviation Industry for over 50 years and has established itself as a leader of innovation and change.

Founded on a customer centric focus the Company has grown from strength to strength by using the efficiency of aircraft to compress time and thereby solve our customers problems. Airways is the holder of the longest standing (50 years) Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) on the island, and has over 40 years experience as an aircraft dealer of a major brand.

Logistics Service Pioneers

As operators of aircraft Airways has been extensively involved in logistics, even before logistics was a recognized industry. The daily transportation of time sensitive documents and clearings for the banking sector was our foray in 1969 into the time critical movement of goods and services back and forth across Jamaica between the data centers and the branches for 6 major banks for almost 40 years.

That gave birth to our small package express, door to door, Island wide same day delivery service, Airpak Express, which gave birth to just-in-Time inventory capabilities to Jamaican businesses at a critically important and difficult financial juncture in Jamaica's economic landscape. Time sensitive, high security documents were also delivered between Kingston based Embassies and Registrars to customers across the length and breadth of the island.

International Partnership

The natural outgrowth into the international express delivery saw Airways forging partnerships with industry giants such as United Parcel Service and Amerijet Cargo which took our logistics capabilities to a new dimension. The international experience gained in handling small packages, general cargo, hazardous materials, live animals, perishables has provided us with invaluable experience for getting the job done.

General Aviation Ground Handling Services

As the operator of a domestic and regional international scheduled air service, Jamaica Air Shuttle, we gained insights into the void of vitally necessary general aviation ground handling services in the region.

In 2006, Jet Services was established as a subsidiary providing dedicated General Aviation Ground Handling Services in Kingston at The Norman Manley International Airport. As a fully certified Ground Handling Service provider, we have dominated the General Aviation handling sector in Kingston for the last 15 years.

Charter Flights and Maintenance Service

As an Approved Aircraft Maintenance Operator, we have supported scheduled and charter operators of aircraft from the Caymans to Haiti and the Turks and Caicos and everything in between, including providing overnight maintenance support to American Airlines for almost a decade.

Airways International is the current holder of Jamaica's only turbo jet AOC providing private charter flight services for Jamaican businesses to and from the Caribbean, Bahamas, South and Central America.

Situated at the natural nucleus of the Americas, we provide critically important point to point, time saving direct air service to a limitless number of regional city pairs.